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Old Velasco Historical Markers


Starting from the back of the Fort Velasco Timeline Circle, the Old Velasco Historical Markers follow the Surfside Beach Bird and Butterfly Trail along the Brazos River and identifies historic sites in the early years of Texas. All have been entered into the Historical Marker Database. These include:​

  • Site of where Mexican President General Antonio López de Santa Anna and the Republic of Texas Interim President David G. Burnet, among others, sign the Treaties of Velasco that ended the Texas War of Independence in 1836.

  • The Brown-Hoskins Hotel that served as the first capital building for the new government of the Republic of Texas.

  • The Old Brazos River channel that was used as the primary port of the First Republic of Texas Navy: 1835-1837 that included four schooners: Independence, Liberty, Brutus, and Invincible.

  • Locations of the Confederate Civil War Forts at Mouth of Brazos.

  • ​Site of the Republic of Texas Battery, the second Fort Velasco that was built by the Texas Revolutionary Army in early 1836, under direction of Captain Eduard Harkort.

  • The 1835 San Felipe Incident that caused Steven F. Austin to call for war with Mexico to secure the freedom of Texas.

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